The war in Iran is old news….

The war in Iran that America is fighting for Israel has BEEN started. In fact, it’s ancient history. The only reason we are still talking about it is the fact that it is still going on. While the military-industrial leaders in Washington are chomping at the bit and practically begging for the green light, sufficient justification (read: provocation) has not yet been provided. Regardless of what you may think about the ongoing nuclear war of words between Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu, you have to admit that Ahmadinejad is a master tactician of politics.

Iran’s political leader has single handedly (as it appears to be!) fended off a war of aggression from Israel which will undoubtedly (and unfortunately for us…) be fought by America. The Iranian nuclear enrichment program has continued unabated amid great controversy from select members of the international community, America and Israel primarily. Much of the foreign community outside of western European nations and Israel have adamantly defended the right for Iran to develop nuclear power for non-military purposes.

An unfortunate fact for Israel, and America by extension, is that Iran is a signatory member of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. This unfortunate truth doesn’t seem to have hindered aggressive and hostile relations with Iran over the years, and we seem to be perpetually involved with trying to overthrow an elected leader for reasons that are entirely inconsequential for America.

The administrator at has laid out a very nice article detailing the extended military and political war against Iran and their nuclear program. Stop by and take a read (here: ), and think a little bit more about who is sending their youth into the ruthless grinder that is war.   Can you guess who?  The punch line could be ugly.  Hint: It’s not Israel…

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