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Israel instructs Obama: “Iranian and Syrian Sanctions are Not Painful Enough!” …impose an international blockade now!

Israel instructs Obama: “Iranian and Syrian Sanctions are Not Painful Enough!” …impose an international blockade now!

Franklin Lamb

Friday, February 22nd, 2013


On 3/26/2013 Iran is expected to meet with other world powers in Astana, Kazakhstan to discuss its nuclear program. Discussions that the occupiers of Palestine fervently hope will not be successful. It is toward this end that their key demand this week to the US Congress, the White House and the European Union is “to cast responsibility on the Iranians by blaming them for the talks’ failure in the clearest terms possible.”

According to the Al-Monitor of 3/19/13, Israel also demands that the countries meeting in Kazakhstan “make it perfectly clear that slogans such as ‘negotiations can’t go on forever’ are their marching orders to the White House, and they want the Kazakhstan attendees to act “so severely that the Iranians realize that they face a greater threat than just Israeli military action.” “The message must be that this time the entire west, behind Israel’s leadership, is contemplating the launch of a massive military action.” Unsaid is that “the entire West” is expected to confront Iran militarily while Tel Aviv’s forces will mop up Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Syria if necessary.

Pending the above arrangements, Israel this week is further demanding that the Obama White House issue another Executive Order dramatically ratcheting up the US-led Sanctions against Iran and Syria while it prepares for a hoped for “ game changing international economic blockade, including no-fly zones enforced by NATO.

To achieve yet another lawyer of severe sanctions, and at the behest of AIPAC, a “legislative planning” meeting was called by Congressman Eliot Engel, who represents New Yorks 17th District (the Bronx) and who is the Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Rep. Ros-Lehtinen (Florida’s 27th District), Chair of the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa. The session was held in a posh Georgetown restaurant and participant’s included representatives from AIPAC, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain plus half a dozen Congressional staffers.

Congressman Engel has co-sponsored virtually every anti-Arab, anti-Islam, anti-Palestinian, anti-Iran, and anti-Syrian Congressional broadside since he entered Congress a quarter-century ago. His campaign literature last fall stated: “I am a strong supporter of sanctions against those who repeatedly reject calls to behave as responsible nations. (Israel excepted-ed). I have authored or helped author numerous bills which have been signed into law to impose sanctions against rogue states including Iran and Syria.” Ros-Lehtinen and Engel led all members with AIPAC donations on the House side in last fall’s Congressional elections. They are ranked number one and two respectively as still serving career recipients of Israel-AIPAC’s “indirect” campaign donations.

Some Congressional operatives accuse Rep. Ros-Lehtinen of being a bit lazy and neglecting the bread and butter needs of her Florida constituents. But others argue that it depends on which constituents one has in mind. Her election mailings and her Congressional website claim that the Congresswoman “led all Congressional efforts tirelessly to generate votes to block what she views as anti-Israel resolutions offered at the former UN Commission on Human Rights.”

A big fan of US-led sanctions against Iran and Syria, Rep. Ros-Lehtinen introduced the Iran Freedom Support Act on January 6, 2005, which increased sanctions and expanded punitive measures against the Iranian people until the Iranian regime has dismantled its nuclear plants. Rep. Ros-Lehtinen also introduced H.R. 957, the Iran Sanctions Amendments Act, which she claims “will close loopholes in current law by holding export credit agencies, insurers, and other financial institutions accountable for their facilitation of investments in Iran and sanction them as well.” In addition, H.R. 957 seeks to impose liability on parent companies for violations of sanctions by their foreign entities. She also co-sponsored H.R 1357 which requires “U.S. government pension funds to divest from companies that do any business with any country that does business with Iran.” Her campaign literature states that, “She was proud to be the leading Republican sponsor of H.R. 1400, the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act. This bill applies and enhances a wide range of additional sanctions.”

In addition, last year Illeana introduced H.R. 394, which enlarges US Federal Court Jurisdiction regarding claims by American citizens their claims in U.S. courts. Unclear is whether she realizes that one consequence of her initiative would be to open even wider US courtroom doors to Iranian-Americans and Syria-Americans who today are being targeted and damaged by the lady’s ravenous insatiable craving for civilian targeting economic sanctions.

But Ileana and Elliot appear to be fretting.

So is Israel.

The reasons are several and they include the fact that the US-led sanctions have failed to date to achieve the accomplishments they were designed to produce. These being to cripple the Iranian economy, provoke a popular protest among the Iranian people over inflation and scarcity of food and medicines, weaken Iran as much as possible before adopting military measures against it, and, most essentially, achieving regime change to turn the clock back to those comfortable days of our submissive, compliant Shah.

Zionist prospects for Syria aren’t any better at the moment. Tel Aviv’s to intimidate the White House into invading Syria have not worked. Plan A has failed miserably according to the Israeli embassy people attending the Engel-Ros Litinen’s informal conflab. Neither did the “how about we just arm the opposition” plan that originated last year with David H. Petraeus and was supported by Hillary Clinton while being pushed by AIPAC. The goal was to create allies in Syria that the US and Israel could control if Mr. Assad was removed from power. Moreover, the White House believes that there are no good options for Obama. It has vetoed 4 recent Israeli proposals including arming the rebels and is said to believe that Syria is already dangerously awash with “unreliable arms.”

The recent shriveling in Israeli prospects for a dramatic Pentagon intervention in Syria reflect White House war weariness. And also Israel’s predilection to bomb targets itself in Syria, as it did recently to assassinate a senior Iranian officer in the Quds force of the Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Hassan Shateri. Contrary to the false story that Israel attacked a missiles convoy, some unassembled equipment was damaged but that was not the primary target according to Fred Hof, a former U.S. State Department official. Gen. Shateri was.

Making matters worse for Tel Aviv, the Israeli military is reportedly becoming skittish due to its deteriorating political and military status in the region and its troops have recently completed subterranean warfare drills to prepare them for a potential clash with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, the Jerusalem Post reported on 2/20/13. “Today during training, we simulated a northern terrain, that included what we might encounter,” Israeli Lt. Sagiv Shoker, commander of a military Reconnaissance Unit of the Engineering Corps, based at the Elikim base in northern Israel near the border with Lebanon explained. Shoker added that his units spent a week focused on how to approach Hezbollah’s alleged underground bunkers and tunnels in South Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley quietly and quickly. Israeli forces commander Gantz has been complaining recently to the Israeli cabinet that Hezbollah Special Forces are gaining much valuable experience in Syria fighting highly skilled and motivated al Nusra jihadists and his troops may not be prepared to face them on the battlefield if a conflict erupts. It has been known since 2006 that Israeli soldiers “are having motivation deficits” as Gantz and others have complained.

Ordinary citizens in Iran and Syria with whom this observer met recently, including some with whom he has shared lengthy conversations while posing many questions, cannot ignore the burden of the US-led sanctions in various aspects of their lives. Nor can the Iranian or Syrian governments or their economic institutions. At the beginning of the summer of 2010, and even more so since the summer of 2012, the US-led civilian targeting sanctions imposed were significantly tightened by the Obama administration and its allies. The administration realized that the sanctions imposed on Iran until then were ineffective and understood that Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear power capability would quickly leave the US with no alternative than the acceptance of a nuclear Iran. But the administration, according to former State Department official Hof, believed that unless it took more drastic measures against Iran, Israel would launch a military strike against Iran which would likely destroy Zionist Israel- a prospect not every US official and Congressional staffer privately laments. Congressional sources report that the White House now feels that Iran has achieved deterrence and that Israel would be dangerously foolhardy to attack the country.

While Israel advocates an economic blockade of Iran and Syria, under binding rules of international and US law, economic blockades are acts of war. They are variously defined as surrounding a nation with hostile forces, economic besieging, preventing the passage in or out of a country of civilian supplies or aid. It is an act of naval warfare to block access to a country’s coastline and deny entry to all vessels and aircraft, absent a formal declaration of war and approval of the UN Security Council.

All treaties to which America is a signatory, including the UN Charter, are binding US law. Chapter VII authorizes only the Security Council to “determine the existence of any threat to the peace, or act of aggression (and, if necessary, take military or other actions to) restore international peace and stability.” It permits a nation to use force (including a blockades) only under two conditions: when authorized by the Security Council or under Article 51 allowing the “right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member….until the Security Council has taken measures to maintain international peace and security.”

As International law Professor Francis Boyle reminds us, Customary International Law recognizes economic blockades as an act of war because of the implied use of force even against third party nations in enforcing the blockade. Writes Boyle, “Blockades as acts of war have been recognized as such in the Declaration of Paris of 1856 and the Declaration of London of 1909 that delineate the international rules of warfare.” America approved these Declarations, thereby are became binding US law as well “as part of general international law and customary international law.” US presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Jack Kennedy, called economic blockades acts of war.
So has the US Supreme Court.

In Bas v. Tingy (1800), the US Supreme Court addressed the constitutionality of fighting an “undeclared war” (read extreme economic sanctions). It ruled the seizure of a French vessel (is) an act of hostility or reprisal. The Court cited Talbot v. Seaman (1801) in ruling that “specific legislative authority was required in the seizure. In Little v. Barreme (1804), the Court held that “even an order from the President could not justify or excuse an act that violated the laws and customs of warfare. Chief Justice John Marshall wrote that a captain of a United States warship could be held personally liable in trespass for wrongfully seizing a neutral Danish ship, even though” presidential authority ordered it.
“The Prize Cases” (1863) is perhaps the most definitive US Supreme Court ruling on economic blockades requiring congressional authorization. The case involved President Lincoln’s ordering “a blockade of coastal states that had joined the Confederacy at the outset of the Civil War. The Court….explicitly (ruled) that an economic blockade is an act of war and is legal only if properly authorized under the Constitution.”

Iran and Syria pose no threat to the US or any peaceful law abiding nation. Imposing a blockade against either violates the UN Charter and settled international humanitarian laws as well as US law. It would constitute an illegal act of aggression that under the Nuremberg Charter is the designated a “supreme international crime” above all others. It would render the Obama administration and every government of other participating nations criminally liable.

Contrary to what the occupiers of Palestine may fantasize, if the White House wants an economic blockade of Iran or Syria it must declare war, letting the American people be heard on the subject and convince the UN Security Council to pass a UNSCR under Chapter 7.

The White House cannot legally, morally or consistently with claimed American humanitarian values continue to target civilian populations with economic sanctions on the cheap.

Franklin Lamb is doing research in Syria and can be reached c/

INCOG’s Army Recruitment Poster Concept (rejected)

INCOG’s Army Recruitment Poster Concept (rejected)


Last week, “president” Obongo-STEIN’s out-going Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta (who may or may not be a stinking Jew), unilaterally ordered the US Military to allow women to serve in combat roles on the front lines. Along with last year’s repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” there’s no telling what kinds of bizarre “whatevers” will now flock into the Armed Forces so they can finally act out their sick military sex fantasies.

All this will put America’s real soldiers in harm’s way, no doubt at all. To say nothing about having to bear witness to all the nasty, disease-ridden, foul acts these sick faggots will eventually end up doing to each other’s rear with the gear. Good White Christian men — now locked forever in the Jew-instigated “fighting for our freedoms” circle jerk – are being ordered (along with all us poor saps back home) to accept Globalist Jewry’s never-ending BS social change no matter where they go.

The more homos and lezbos, the more of us freely denigrated White men (must I remind you always bear the brunt of America’s wars?) will have to pick up the slack up front. Sure, a few ugly-ass bull dykes will be there to suck up as much media attention and glory from the brainwashing Jews as possible, should they get a dangerous, life-threatening hangnail while in “combat.” I can see all the stupid tear-jerking “60 minutes” interviews now.

And, just like same sex marriage, the lying, subversive, Jew-owned media is now trying to tell us the majority of Americans are all for it and it’ll be so good for our troops. Don’t you friggin’ believe the brainwashing! All their bosses care about is more cannon fodder up front for their Zionist wars of the NWO. Iran, anyone?

Once again, decent White Christian taxpayers get crapped on royally, while Globalist Jewry continues turning this country into a filthy, GD dung heap!

Obama Tailoring Military Leadership to Only Those Who Will Shoot Fellow Americans

Obama Tailoring Military Leadership to Only Those Who Will Shoot Fellow Americans

shoting americans

Dr. Jim Garrow is well-known for his books and for his humanitarian work to rescue Chinese girls from certain death.  The one-child policy in China leads many parents to kill girl babies, either before or after they are born.  It is far more prestigious to have a male child than a girl, so they kill the girls.

Over the last 16 years, Garrow’s efforts have rescued an estimated 40,000 girl babies from China at a cost of over $25 million.  Almost all of these girls would have been killed had they not been rescued and taken out of the country.  Today, he is the founder and executive director of the Bethune Institute’s Pink Pagoda schools.  There are 168 private schools in his program that employ 6,300 people, all with the goal of raising and teaching the Chinese girls in a English speaking environment.

Garrow’s has written about his effort to save China’s girls by authoring the book, The Pink Pagoda: One Man’s Quest to End Gendercide in China.

Dr. Garrow is not known for being a wild crackpot or part of the political fringe, so when he recently made the following post on his Facebook page, it got the attention of a number people:

“I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new ‘litmus test’ in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. ‘The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.’ Those who will not are being removed.”

When asked who is source was, Garrow replied:

“The man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes.”

One has to wonder if this had anything to do with President Obama’s dismissal of Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis from his post as commander of the Central Command.  The Washington Free Beacon commented on the dismissal, saying:

“Word on the national security street is that General James Mattis is being given the bum’s rush out of his job as commander of Central Command, and is being told to vacate his office several months earlier than planned.”

When you think about everything Obama has done to undermine the traditional integrity of the US military, it all makes sense.  He forced the military to accept homosexuals and then took action on any who opposed that measure.  Then Obama started attacking the military retirement system making a military career less attractive than before.  Then he took action against military chaplains who stood up for their faith.  Lastly, the Pentagon has issued orders for troops in the Middle East to remove all religious symbolism, however this is largely enforced against Christians and Jews, but not for Muslims.

The Obama administration was outraged when American soldiers burned a stack of Qurans.  He said nothing about the Qurans being defaced by Muslim prisoners and Obama said nothing about the stack of Bibles that were burned at the same time.

Obama condemned the soldiers that urinated on several dead Taliban and ordered their court martial, but he said nothing about the way captured American soldiers were being tortured by their Muslim captors.

Ever since taking office 4 years ago, Obama has been carefully tailoring the military to his specifications.  Once he started making his sweeping changes, many career military personnel including commanding officers began retiring or resigning their commissions, leaving the military to the liberals.

I’ve been writing for a couple years now saying that Obama has plans to purposely destroy America’s economy in order to create a national emergency.  This would give him the reason to declare martial law and assume dictatorial control.  He will disband Congress and establish his own Gestapo style national police.

When I wrote these things, I said the only two things that could prevent him from succeeding is the military because I seriously doubted that they would fire on fellow Americans and the 300 million guns in the hands of private citizens.  But it seems that Obama is actively working towards eliminating both of these last remaining obstacles and when they are gone, mark my word, all hell will break lose and America will be lost.

Obama Nominates Hagel for Secretary of Defense

Obama Nominates Hagel for Secretary of Defense

[Courtesy of the Incog Man -moderator]
Posted on January 7, 2013 by INCOG MAN



Today Obama announced the nomination for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. Oh boy, the traitor Zionist creeps out there are foaming at the mouth!

Hagel is an ENLISTED Viet Nam veteran and a highly decorated patriot. Jew traitors hate him because he once had the cojones to say he was not elected as an ISRAELI senator, but as an United States senator. He even had the nerve to call the Zionists the JEWISH LOBBY.* INCOG HIPPIEOf course, that wasn’t entirely true (with all the idiot Christian Zionists out there), but does pinpoint the real source of nefarious Fifth Columnist Neocons now infesting DC and putting our boys in harm’s way.

Good for you, Obama! I guess I now had better start dressing the part as an Obama boy (right). Yep, back off, INCOG MAN is going grunge! It’s just to hook up with the hippie chicks, so don’t go have yourselves any fits.

Pay attention and you’ll see all kinds of boisterous Jews coming out of the woodwork with crap against Hagel during the confirmation hearings. Already the Zio traitors are enlisting the faggot brigade since Hagel once called Clinton’s nomination for ambassador to Luxembourg, James Hormel, “openly, aggressively gay.” RINO South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham, went on FOX news the other day all twittered up about Hagel, supposedly because of Israel, but really because he’s a “Friend of Dorothy,” or giant closet homo the Jews have in their pocket (see photos below).

The picture at the bottom right is fake. I know, because I did it long ago. It still cracks me the hell up.

Yep, the confirmation hearings are going to be hot. Expect the Jews to dredge up all kinds of dirt on Hagel.

Let’s say the guy once knocked up some babe in high school. The Jews will know. Let’s say Hagel once got busted with a dime bag of cheap Mexican skunkweed. The Jews will know. Let’s say Hagel built a 1/32nd model kit of the evil Nazi Stuka airplane when he was a kid (like I did). The Jews will know.

The poor guy is going to get hammered with all sorts of stupid nonsense going back decades.

I say unto you, my brothers and sisters, support Chuck Hagel. Should the Jew creeps get their corrupted Shabbos Goys not to confirm him, we can use that for Agit/Prop purposes. Should he get in, maybe we’ll have more exposure of the Zionist snakes at AIPAC, or at least keep us out of another Jew-instigated war like in Iran.

Democrap AIPAC spy Jane Harman with Palestinian murdering Zionist, Ariel Sharon. Can you imagine?

Democrap Congress creep and AIPAC spy Jane Harman (right) with Palestinian-murdering Arch Zionist and Satan’s favorite vegetable, Ariel Sharon. Can you imagine this traitor as head of the CIA? The US branch office of MOSSAD, sure.

If Syria’s Assad bites the dust, expect the Iran business to once again jump to the front burner. The Globalist Jews want Syria neutralized before they suck the US into war with Iran. That way, less precious Jewboys will have to fight anyone besides the sling-shot wielding Palestinians.

Now I’m not saying Hagel’s perfect for the cause. But you use the cards you’re dealt with. Understand, hombres?

I don’t know a whole lot about John Brennan to head the CIA. All I can say is that I’m just happy Obama didn’t nominate that creepy Jewess spy, Jane Harman, as some speculated he might. Gawd, if that happened, my brain would’ve melted.

– Phillip Marlowe

* They even reported this on ABC and later on FOX (because the Globalist Jews at ABC did). Why? Because it’s already out there everywhere by now. Why fight it, when they can spin it? They made it look like it’s a potential problem not only to “Israel-supporting Christians,” but also to the Gays. Pay attention and you’ll notice how they blend all the Jew crap together — it’s less stinky that way.

We’re supposed to be so understanding of the lovable, tasteful homos, yet always totally supportive of the ever besieged, ever holocausted hebrews in sacred Israel — no matter what!

Best Person for the Pentagon?

Best Person for the Pentagon?

by Ludwig Watzal / December 18th, 2012

The rumor mill is cooking in Washington D.C. that the former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel should become the next Secretary of Defense. If US President Barack Obama chooses him, it would be a wise decision. Whether he would get this candidate approved by the US Senate remains to be seen. It seems there is something to this because the Israel Lobbyists are going haywire. A long list of Chuck Hagel’s alleged misconduct or “insufficient voting record” on Israel-issues has been presented and an anti-Hegel mood has been created to undermine his approval by the Senate. It would be ridiculous if the Lobby succeeded in preventing Hagel’s appointment, like they did with former ambassador Charles Freeman. After the Lobby had bullied Freeman, Obama dropped him like a hot potato.

Definitely Hagel does not belong to the huge crowd of Israel lobbyists and “Israel-firsters” that populate the inner Belt Way and determine US foreign policy towards the Middle East to the detriment of the US. He is just a “normal” former US senator who sticks to his oath of office and to the US constitution, putting the national interest of his country before the Israeli one. He also has refused to sign on to many silly pro-Israel statements that came from the Hill such as the “Syria Accountability Act “or the “Libya-Iran sanctions act”. And he has called for direct negotiations between Iran and the US and between Hamas and the US. The Israel lobbyists defame him already as an “anti-Semite”. Coming from the “Israel lobby” such smear rhetoric should not mean a thing anybody, except, that he views Israel like it is: an occupying power that violates human rights on a regular basis, disregards international law, and disdains the United Nations. Such a state constitutes not an asset but a heavy liability to the foreign policy of the US.

In his book America: Our Next Chapter, he writes about Iran: “Isolating nations is risky. It turns them inward, and makes their citizens susceptible to the most demagogic fear mongering.” The answer, he says, is engagement. “Distasteful as we may find that country’s rulers, the absence of any formal governmental relations with Iran ensures that we will continue to conduct this delicate international relationship through the press and speeches, as well as through surrogates and third parties, on issues of vital strategic importance to our national interests. Such a course can only result in diplomatic blind spots that will lead to misunderstandings, miscalculation, and, ultimately, conflict.” For Hagel, an Iranian bomb would not be the end of the world, an opinion that is also held by Kenneth Waltz and other realists in international relations. They argue that Iran needs the bomb in order to counterbalance Israel’s huge unchecked nuclear arsenal which is perceived as a security threat to the whole region. Hagel does not regard Iranian diplomats as outcasts; consequently, he met several times with the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations.

Already in 2006, Hagel wrote in an article in the New York Review of Books“that negotiating with Hamas was Israel’s last chance for peace”. Israel should grasp the opportunity to engage in direct negotiations with Hamas. Israeli politicians know that the rhetoric of the Hamas charter is meaningless. One should read Khaled Hroub’s book Hamas: A Beginner’s Guide. It’s written in a question-answer sequence in a way that even US politicians would understand. The Emir of Qatar has already pulled the teeth of the organization by financially sweetening Hamas’ move from Damascus to Doha. The Emir even paid a visit to the Gaza Strip to substitute the radical rhetoric with money. Hamas has since mutated from a roaring lion to a rug, not to speak of “President” Mahmoud Abbas.

Hagel sees the attack on Iraq as a triumph of neoconservative ideology. As the new Secretary of Defense he could represent a counterweight to the liberal interventionists that still dominate Obama’s inner circle. He also could back the President against the bullying of the “Israel lobby” and its cheerleaders on Capitol Hill. President Obama needs guys like Hagel and John Kerry as the new Secretary of State around him to reframe US foreign policy towards the Middle East. American interests must have top priority. The US should engage in direct talk with Iran on the nuclear issue without the European cacophony and Israel’s detrimental influence. Iran has to be treated on an equal footing. And Obama should put the Israeli Prime Minister in its place. He cannot accept any longer to be pushed around by a leader of a tiny little country. Hopefully, Obama and his new team will open a more realistic chapter on US Middle Eastern policy.

Dr. Ludwig Watzal works as a journalist and editor in Bonn, Germany. He runs the bilingual blog “Between the lines.” He can be reached: Read other articles by Ludwig.

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