Put Troops on the Border!

The eighth plank of The Knights Party Platform is to put American troops on our border to STOP the flood of illegal aliens. America is being over run by illegal immigrants mostly from non-White countries who do not share the Christian European values of our nation’s founders. Immigration should remain open to all White Christians throughout the world . There is not one single country that does not persecute it’s White Christian citizens such as in South Africa where the violent crime against Whites is at an all time high. The entire reasoning behind the forming of America was to allow one place in the world where White Christians could live together in harmony without any outside interference from those of other religions or races.
Did you know that one out of five Mexicans in the world lives in the United States? Two reports released by the Mexican government show just how entangled the U.S. and Mexico are today. The first report is “Migration in Mexico and the World,” from the National Population Council. It says that over the last 40 years registered immigration to the U.S. from Mexico exceeded 17 million.
Remember, this is the figure for registered immigrants and does not include illegals and the children of both legal and illegal immigrants. The second report from the Bank of Mexico, revealed that in the first half of 2003 that Mexico is receiving more income from Mexicans settling in the U.S. than from tourism and foreign investments. For the first time in history!
The central government of Mexico is lobbying state and local government authorities in the U.S. to accept these cards just as they would a green card. It appears to be a simple attempt to “legalize” an otherwise illegal alien: enter the United States illegally and make your way to a Mexican Consulate, where Mexican authorities issue you a consular ID card — complete with a new, U.S. address.
Wells Fargo & Co. said the number of bank accounts opened using the Mexican Matricula card rose above 500,000 since the San Francisco bank pioneered the acceptance of the card almost three years ago. The company said it is now opening an average of more than 700 accounts a day for Hispanics using the Matricula card, a seven-fold increase over the three-year period. Bankers from Wells Fargo, Bank of America and other financial institutions are often at the Mexican consulate courting customers who have just received their Matricula cards. Wells Fargo also accepts the consular identification cards from Guatemala and Argentina as valid identification for account openings.
A popular website run by former Republican Representative Tom Alcieres from New Hampshire is a one-stop shop of information for illegal immigrants in the U.S. He even posts tips to unscrupulous U.S. men who might want to make their live-in helping Mexicans get into the U.S. He titles this section: The Ultimate Loophole: “So you’re a USA citizen making his living flipping burgers at McDonald’s and there are a gazillion Mexicans living in poverty. The object of the game is to get as many Mexicans as possible into the USA by whatever means. However, what’s in it for you?” “Well, here’s the loophole: Under U.S. Code, Title 8 section 1401(g), if you have a child by a Mexican señorita, the child is a USA citizen, even if the birth takes place in Mexico. You need to sign some forms for the consulate, and the kid gets a certificate of USA citizenship.” He goes on to explain that the American male will get lots of sex with many hot young Mexican women, won’t have to marry any of them, and will get tax deductions for dependent children.
A Mexican immigrant leader in the U.S. says on deporttheborderpatrol.com, “There is no need for the Border Patrol. If people from the south side of the river decide they want to take up residence on the north side, who you gonna call? Call your new neighbors and say, bienvenidos! The United States has been described as a nation of immigrants. So, in all fairness to the police officers, average police don’t deserve to get killed nearly as much as Border Patrol goons do. Some police officers sign up so they can serve the people, accepting the job of enforcing the many unjust laws as a required trade-off. That is a decision they have made and, while it is the wrong decision, at least they aren’t as bad as Border Patrol goons, which sign up only out of greed and malice. Border Patrol goons only serve the wants of bigots. Border Patrol goons are the scum of the Earth.” While the border patrol is busy trying to do their job in the midst of numerous ridiculous procedural rules for dealing with illegal aliens, Immigrant
groups are planning lawsuits against various law enforcement agencies for violating the rights of “undocumented workers”. Fernando Garcia, director of the Border Network for Human Rights told the El Paso Times,”There have been a dramatic increase in the complaints we’ve received involving possible wrongful searches and wrongful entries into homes, and possible racial profiling by U.S. law enforcement agencies.” The Border Network is conducting their second “Campaign to Document abuse of authority.” One case of abuse cited by Human Rights groups is the conviction of a border patrol agent for the molestation of an 8-year-old Mexican girl. However, the border patrol agent, himself, was a Mexican and the girls step father, which they fail to comment on.
The flagrant hateful attitude that non-white immigrants from Mexico have for U.S. authorities is not the only thing that poses a danger to American citizens. While not all non-white Hispanics are involved in drug trafficking – even many “innocent” immigrants are more than willing to provide smuggling services in exchange for getting into the U.S. Families with children are increasingly becoming favorite vehicles for moving drugs across the border. More sympathy is given to families and women and children are less likely to be considered as drug carriers. Kerri Pepoy, an intelligence analyst for the national Drug Intelligence Center speaking about North Carolina said,”Mexican drug trade organizations have essentially taken over the drug trafficking business from other groups. “Nationwide, almost half of all people charged with federal drug offenses between 1984 and 1999 were Hispanic, according to a 1999 U.S. Department of Justice report. The DEA reports that 65% of all the cocaine that enters this country comes in from Mexico. The North American Free Trade Agreement, backed by both Democrats and Republicans caused a huge increase in the drug trade according to David Gaddis, assistant special agent in charge of the DEA’s North Carolina operations. “The free trade agreement made it possible for the movement of thousands of containers across the U.S.–Mexican border. It’s common for drugs to be woven into those legitimate cargoes.” Bush is working on a plan to allow Mexicans who worked illegally in the U.S., but are now living in Mexico – to receive Social Security benefits. A Social Security office will be opened up in Mexico City where Mexicans can apply for U.S. Social Security benefits. This would transcend not just from the worker, but spouses and children could file claims if their parent or husband/wife had worked in the U.S. and had social security taxes taken out of their check.
Tracking down some of the beneficiaries could prove difficult. $21 billion in Social Security payments have not been able to be paid to hundreds of Mexicans because they used false Social Security numbers for payroll deductions. Some are promoting a similar social security numbering system between the U.S. and Mexico so that illegal immigrant workers won’t risk losing their benefits! Another gain for illegals is the campaign to allow them to attend state universities at the in-state resident rate. Allies of the illegals have drummed up a lot of sympathy for students who are illegals and even more sympathy for
the children of illegals who were no part of their parents’ decision to come here. But, these steeply discounted rates were clearly intended for legal residents. It’s wrong to give the cheap rate to someone who has no right to be here, while an out-of-state U.S. citizen may have to pay four to 10 times as much.
While the United States is spending millions to control illegal immigration, many states and localities are working, in effect, to undermine immigration law and to make illegal immigration more attractive and therefore more common. It makes no sense. Business Week recently reviewed the negative impact immigration – along with globalization – has in keeping hard-working Americans poor. In its May 31, 2004 cover story “Working… and Poor,” the financial magazine states that a flood of immigrants, mostly from Mexico, is swelling the low-end labor pool and throwing least-skilled Americans into direct competition with people willing to work for pennies on the dollar.
Economists claim globalization is responsible for about one-fifth of the decline in blue-collar pay since 1973. As globalization accelerates, the unskilled American worker is increasingly placed at a distinct disadvantage, and when added with a torrent of immigration, this has shoved many hourly wage occupations into a “worldwide, discount labor store stocked with cheap temps, hungry part-timers, and dollar-a-day labor in India, Mexico, and China.” More than 28 million Americans earn less than $9.04 per hour, representing about 25% of the workforce between the ages of 18 and 64 – many of these are
elderly widows. Of these millions, approximately 20% are foreign-born, mostly from Mexico. Over the next decade, five of the ten fastest-growing jobs will be of the menial, dead-end variety, including retail clerks, cashiers, and janitors, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Curbing the flood of unskilled immigration – both legal and illegal – would ease some of the gravitational pressure on low-end paying jobs. According to a study conducted by Harvard Professor George J. Borjas, Among his findings: By increasing the supply of labor between 1980 and 2000, immigration reduced the average annual earnings of native-born men by an estimated $1,700 or roughly 4%. Among natives without a high school education, who roughly correspond to the poorest tenth of the workforce, the estimated impact was even larger, reducing their wages by 7.4%. The 10 million native-born workers without a high school degree face the most competition from immigrants, as do the 8 million younger natives with only a high school education and 12 million younger college graduates. The reduction in earnings occurs regardless of whether the immigrants are legal or illegal, permanent or temporary. It is the presence of additional workers that reduces wages, not their status.
There are over 600,000 American registered nurses not working as nurses, and countless other nurses who have become independent nurses. Why? It’s about the money. Hospitals refuse to pay nurses enough to keep American nurses interested in the job, and refuse to hire independent nurses. Instead of raising the pay to fit the job, hospitals have decided to call what is really lack of interest in the job for the pay being offered, a ‘shortage”. Hospitals would much rather have the cheaper indentured servant they can have by hiring foreign nurses who fear deportation if they don’t do exactly as asked.
All this alleged “shortage” has created some new loopholes to be created that allow massive numbers of foreign nurses to flood the US market. Each year, 10% of nurses, of the recently–graduated and of those who work in IMSS, ISSSTE and the Secretaría de Salud [Mexican government health-care providers], migrate to the U.S., Spain and the U.K. In the first five months of 2004, 1000 Mexican nurses went to the U.S., 200 to Spain and 50 to the U.K. and it’s not just those in the health care industry. The lowering of salary and the hiring of non-white immigrants due to alleged worker shortages also applies to many “white collar” jobs in the computer, data, and technician industries.
A Day Labor Center is a center that is taxpayer funded and operated by a city for the sole purpose of facilitating the hiring of illegal aliens by employers. Kathy McKee, an anti-immigration activist said about these centers, “Let’s make one thing clear: Day labor centers are for the benefit of illegal aliens…Phoenix blatantly thumbs its nose at federal law by illegally building these centers for illegal aliens. INA § 274 states that encouraging “an alien to . . . reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such residence is or will be in violation of the law,” or who “aids and abets the commission of any of the preceding acts” has committed a federal felony. Obviously, helping illegal aliens find work is “encouraging” them to “reside in the United States,” so why isn’t the entire Phoenix City Council, which voted unanimously for the day labor center, being prosecuted and sent to jail? Residents (near the center) complained of increased loitering, littering, illegal soliciting, harassment, begging, drug dealing, prostitution, public urination, intoxication, trespassing and off-hours operations. The zoning board, as usual, ignored the residents and voted 6-0 in favor of the proponents – all city employees or open-border advocates, not one of whom lives near the labor center.” Rob Hotakainen, a reporter for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, recently wrote a real tearjerker about the need for Day Centers. Read on about poor ole Juan. “Juan Huerta hoped it would be another lucky day in America as he munched tamales at a picnic table in the parking lot of a day-labor center, keeping a close eye on the white men who drove by in their big pickups. It was 7 a.m., and the men were searching for Mexican laborers who would spend the day in the 108-degree sun doing roofing, painting, landscaping and cement work. Huerta, who came to Phoenix two years ago, waited for the one employer who might pay him $8 an hour, maybe even $10, in exchange for his specialized carpentry skills.
He called it good money, twice as much as he could earn in his native Mexico. “I like America, good America,” said Huerta, 25, speaking in broken English. 10% of factory jobs have been lost since 2000, continuing a steady decline of the country’s manufacturing sector. The decline of the nation’s manufacturing sector has been visible for decades. However, the trend has accelerated swiftly
in just the past several years. Since the beginning of 2000, more than 1.9 million factory jobs have been lost — about 10 % of the sector’s work force. 50 years ago, 1/3 of U.S. workers toiled in factories — but little more than 1/10 of them do so today, while 4/5 are employed in the service sector. Manufacturing jobs are increasingly being moved abroad as companies take advantage of lower labor costs and
position themselves to sell products to a growing market abroad. The consulting firm Economy.com estimates that 1.3 million manufacturing jobs have been moved abroad — primarily to Mexico and East Asia — since the beginning of 1992.
Some years ago, Arizona Sen. John McCain and Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy notoriously worked together to draft a bipartisan bill for comprehensive immigration reform to introduce in Congress. In more recent history, Bush told of his idea of a guest worker program, just as he was entering his campaign for re-election. Bush says he wants to balance the concerns of those who say illegal
immigration is costing taxpayer’s money, and may even be a national security threat, with U.S. business needs for a reliable source of low-cost labor. However, Bush who fence rides as good as Clinton says he would not support a full amnesty of automatic citizenship. Pandering to immigrant groups he says, “We want our Border Patrol agents chasing crooks and thieves and drug runners and terrorists, not good-hearted people who are coming here to work.” Bush said. “People are coming to put food on the table; they’re doing jobs Americans will not do. And to me, it makes sense for us to recognize that reality.” Driver’s licenses are given to illegal immigrants in several states. At least 39 states are considering bills on the issue, some in favor of licenses, some opposed. The argument in favor is that the illegals are a fact of life in America, they often need to drive to work, and licensing them will help make sure they get auto insurance. Maybe, but it looks like an attempt to deflect an immigration issue by converting it into a matter of auto safety. The argument against is that issuing driver’s licenses to illegals opens the door to more and more privileges rightly reserved for citizens. One is voting.
The Motor-Voter law of 1993, by tying voter registration to the issuing of driver’s licenses, allows illegals to vote. Many illegals vote now. With driver’s licenses, they may do so in very large numbers.
It is the closest thing we have to a national ID card, and it opens a great many doors closed to illegals. It establishes identity for benefit eligibility, employment and credit. In Mexico, however, they are very meticulous when it comes to handing out benefits and have strict immigration laws to keep those from South America from pouring in. Illegal immigrants from South America are NOT welcome in Mexico and
are deported or encouraged to hurry on north to the U.S. While illegal immigrants in the U.S. can vote by simply signing up at the drivers license bureau or through the mail in Mexico it is much different. In
Mexico, it has been that way for years. Only in hospitals are Mexico’s laws more lenient about checking immigration documents. Chris Hawley, a reporter for the Arizona Republic Newspaper writes, “To see
if the requirements are being enforced, a Republic reporter, went to six public agencies and two schools in Mexico City to inquire about services and registering to vote. Almost every official asked to see proof of Mexican citizenship or an FM3 visa, the document that allows a person to live in Mexico. Often, it was the first question asked. “Every agency has its own regulations, but generally, that’s the rule. To receive these government services, you have to prove you are in the country legally,” said Victoria Hernández, a representative for the Mexican Secretariat of Government, which oversees immigration. ”
The 32-page book, The Guide for the Mexican Migrant, is published by Mexico’s Foreign Ministry. Using simple language, the book offers safety information for border crossers, a primer on their legal rights and advice on living unobtrusively in the United States. Dramatic drawings show ‘Mexican Migrants’ wading into a river, running from the U.S. Border Patrol and crouching near a hole in a border fence. On other pages, they hike through a desert with rock formations reminiscent of Arizona and are caught by a stern-faced Border Patrol agent. The book is being distributed as a free supplement to El Libro
Vaquero, a popular cowboy comic book, in five Mexican states that send many Mexican illegal aliens to the United States: Zacatecas, Michoacán, Puebla, Oaxaca and Jalisco. The Mexican government plinted approximately 1.5 million copies. The book comes with a yellow disclaimer saying it does not promote undocumented immigration, and it repeatedly warns against crossing illegally. But it gives no information about the steps for seeking a legal U.S. visa. Seven pages are devoted to migrants’ legal rights after they are detained. The Mexican government is encouraging illegal immigration. It shows the contempt that the Mexican government has for our American laws.
Illegal immigration, and non-White immigration is a serious matter of national security and America’s politicians cannot sit by idly. Least of all can we afford to offer incentives to illegal aliens to continue to sneak in. The Knights Party supports putting armed forces on our border with Mexico to STOP the flood of illegal aliens.

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