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The Knights Party announced on Friday that party associates had begun a nationwide information campaign in response to the August 28th unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C.

Thomas Robb said that the campaign is important because there are many people who have forgotten the Communist/Progressive/Socialist ties of King and it is a disgrace to the nation and its citizens to give honor to such a man via a permanent memorial in the heart of the Nation’s Capitol which represents a country built upon the principles of white Christian civilization. “Not only is this memorial an affront to traditional Americans in general, but it is a testimony to the depravity to which our society has sunk. Robb said that, “American principles of self-government, free market economy and free speech have been undermined by the Socialist agenda promoted by King and embraced by the current administration.”

National Organizer Rachel Pendergraft said an informative video had been made and placed on their website. The video has a special intro of Robb speaking in front of the King statue in D.C. Associates will be distributing information tracts and leaflets, making calls to community leaders and networking with others who will be receptive to the message.  “This will be a busy summer for Knights Party associates” said Pendergraft.

“It will be a family activity with moms, dads, and kids involved. This monument is un-American.”

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