Petraeus Resigns, McCain Celebrates with New Friend

Petraeus Resigns, McCain Celebrates with New Friend (shocking exclusive photo)

Rumors about the Resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus Pure Misdirection


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Today, David Petraeus resigned from the CIA citing marital infidelity as the reason.  Paula Broadwell, a West Point graduate and 15 year “intelligence agent” with highest security clearances is cited by most publications and said to be under FBI investigation for attempting to “hack” General Petraeus’ email accounts. 

Stranger still and, related or not, John McCain was seen with a high ranking member of America’s National Socialist Movement.  Proof?  We have proof.

Senator John McCain with Communications Director of the National Socialist Movement. Harry Hughes, while en route to the NSM National Convention in Charlotte North Carolina, a photo taken only hours ago.

From the New York Times:

To Harry Hughes, regional director of the National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States, Mr. Ready was “a patriot” — “a sincere and compassionate man,” he said in a telephone interview.

Mr. Ready had been a member of the movement, Mr. Hughes said, but resigned two years ago to found the U.S. Border Guard, an armed group that conducted expeditions in the Arizona desert to search for migrants and drug smugglers.

Mr. Hughes said he had joined one of those expeditions. “We’d come across people who have been out in the desert for eight or nine days, we’d give them water and then we’d notify the Border Patrol,” Mr. Hughes said.

Frankly, Harry Hughes is not an awful person and his defense of J.T. Ready is approriate. We have his autopsy records along with those of Sheriff Larry Deaver, both confirm murder and not suicide or accidental death.  Ready was exactly as described by Hughes, according to those close to him.


“John, you got some splainin’ to do.”




Vice Admiral Gaouette

Just before the election, Vice Admiral Gaoulette was “perp walked” off the deck of the USS Stennis, 20 miles off the coast of Iran.  Goulette was commander of nearly a third of the naval forces in the Persian Gulf.

Goulette has neither been seen nor heard from since his removal from the region under force for “unfitness for command.”

Across the military, people are disappearing, quick retirements or simply “gone to lunch, don’t know if I am coming back.”

Something is very very wrong and it isn’t “Benghazi” and the “Fox News fairy tale” that has President Obama ordering the murder of an American diplomat.  They haven’t lost their minds, they never had minds to begin with.




Petraeous being sworn in as CIA chief

First of all, we  aren’t ready to throw Petraeus to the wolves.

He came to the CIA in handcuffs, historically tied to the phony war on terror, his role in the “Sunni Awakening” which paid off Baathist terrorists who are now tearing Iraq apart.

And then there was his job in Afghanistan, having to clean up the mess made by Stanley McChrystal, who, with Richard Hollbrooke, know more about heroin than Arnold Rothstein ever did.

It is obvious that Petraeus was compromised by a foreign power or found to be involved in something so serious that he would destroy his career and reputation in writing rather than some other consequence, typically “suiciding” or arrest.

We share friends and all I know of Petraeus makes this, the most obvious conclusions, very difficult to believe.  He is a man of humor and insight though very ambitious.

Who could have “set up” the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?



Perhaps there is a real story though so unlikely that no one will ever believe it, that two West Point graduates, both with strong backgrounds in overachievement, would destroy each other’s lives over a “spat” of some kind.

It is possible…however.

Ambassador Stephens

We have solid information that powerful financial forces tied to the Mexican Cartels, the Romney financial “insider” and the Netanyahu extremists are gunning for the US, perhaps literally.

We have found Israel’s fingerprints and those of extremist groups in the US along with traitors within the State Department behind the Benghazi murders.

We tracked down the security detail, through a large and respected London based contractor to a small subcontracting firm that gives an address in an rundown farm building on a moor in Wales.

Something is very wrong there.


We will wait a few days before hanging General Petraeus “out to dry.”

First come the lies, they are flowing now.

In a few days, I will cajole or pressure the truth out of someone.

Then, depending on what it is, I will or will not be able to print it. Welcome ot Amerika. g…..

 Editing: Jim W. Dean

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