Pearl Harbor


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Pearl Harbor

By Rachel Pendergraft

Below are two separate articles about the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.  The first was published by The New American.  It concludes that there is substantial evidence indicating that Roosevelt and others knew and in fact did what they could to instigate an attack upon the U.S. in order to bring the U.S. into war.  During this time, the majority of Americans were against a war with Germany and any alliance with Communist Russia.

The second article was published by the Telegraph.  It cites a memo that shows FDR knew of credible evidence that an attack was impending.  However, the author of a book, who first uncovered the memo, does not believe that FDR knew of the attack, but rather inept officials ignored intelligence reports and failed miserably to connect the dots.  Both stories highlight situations that many say relate to current arguments surrounding 9/11.  Were governmental leaders instrumental in the attacks or just incompetent.

I have my personal opinion about both, but the outcome remains the same.  In both instances Americans were and are victims.  But also, both events showed that Americans are a brave people and their best comes out under pressure.  Which is why it is so important that our people always remain vigilant in their search for truth.

Do conspiracies exist within governmental circles, among the military complex, with the international banking agencies, or corporate monopolies?  Or is it rather an unethical and self-serving characteristic that exists within the hearts of many men and women who find themselves at the helm of important positions that culminate in a vast array of misfortune for the masses. And then shouldn’t this cause us to be suspect of everyone who has attained some sort of power over others; maybe – maybe not.

What it does mean is that we should guard our liberty with every breath in our body.  Nobody will look out for your future more than you.  It is your duty to educate yourself on issues of importance.  It is crucial that you question what you are told.

When speaking of power over the lives of people, I can think of none as influential as the entertainment and news media.  These two entities seek to shape public opinion.  It is indeed dangerous to be unaware of this.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Do your own research.  Maybe you will agree with me or not.

So use this litmus test.  When examining anything, ask yourself what the result was or is.  Who did it benefit?  When U.S. service men and women lose their lives, does anyone prosper monetarily in the long run?  Does any particular group have their agenda moved forward.  What is the social cost when soldiers die?  And do some perceive there to be benefits when soldiers die?

I was in the DMV the other day and an elderly couple in front of me were requesting a license tag indicating that he was a war veteran.  He apparently already had two on other vehicles and he was told by the lady at the counter that no matter how many conflicts he had been in he can only receive two veteran tags.  I said to the elderly wife, “conflict – isn’t that something you have with your teenage daughter?”  While there is a technical difference between a “war” and a “conflict”  she smiled appreciatively, knowing that the often used adjective ‘conflict’ was meant to downplay the severity of war.

It is sad that to question the motives of war, feelings are often upset.  Battle scarred soldiers and their families don’t like to think that there is ever any manipulation.  However, manipulation of the facts of any war or ‘conflict’ should not deter from our aknowledgement of the valor and courage of those who have served.  They are often the most patriotic of citizens.  After the horrors of war, they just can’t imagine that anyone would go to that length – indirectly causing death, torture, and ruined lives, in order to pofit monetarily or ideologically. But as the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun.

So check out the two articles below.  Do your own research. Google “attack on U.S.S. Liberty.”  Are there other questions you could be asking?  Is there a relation between the undermining of U.S. sovereignty and white Christian Americans?  You be the judge.  Read our whole site and research others.  You have a duty to stay informed and educated.  You have a duty to future generations to not be deceived.

And to service men and women – past and present – your sincerity and bravery is noted!

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