Order Bulk Copies of the Crusader for Distribution

Dear Associates and supporters of The Knights,

Staff at HQ is finishing up the next issue of the Crusader newspaper and we are now taking orders for bulk copies.  We would like to go to print on Monday April 18th.  The newest issue will have lots of info about Knights’ Party activity around the country, in depth commentary about the direction our nation is heading, a pictorial update of the 2011 National Faith and Freedom Conference, and so much more.

The Crusader newspaper is a fantastic way to get the attention of local media, thus shining a light on our goals, beliefs, agenda, etc.  Furthermore, while the media likes to highlight the few close minded / complaining folks who like to go on camera on the evening news to say they didn’t even look at the paper – they just threw it away, rest assured, that the majority of recipients who receive the Crusader (thrown on driveway like a newspaper boy would) do in fact read it.  And again, it helps drive people to our dynamic website where they can learn even more about The Knights.

As always, if you are personally unable to distribute papers yourself, you can purchase the papers and we will instruct the printer to ship them to another Knights’ Party associate to distribute on your behalf.  If you are able to distribute papers, but cannot order them, let us know and we will work to match you up with someone who buys but can’t distribute.  This is a first come / first serve basis.  We always have more people who can distribute than people willing to order bulk issues.  So let this be a reminder to all those who  earnestly desire to be an associate of a more active nature.  Distributing literature with family and friends is fun and productive.  But even if you can’t get out and distribute papers, don’t let that keep you from insuring that someone else is able to do it.  Your  bulk order will help get our message out in a more personal way and is in fact a very worthwhile activity in itself.  (P.S. don’t forget to include that on your monthly activity report to HQ)

Click on the link below to order bulk copies of the Crusader.  The cost is $50 per 200 issues and this includes shipping and handling by the printer.  Our printer and shipping bill will run $1480 – give or take a $100.  Ordering bulk copies of the paper will get information and The Knights Party name into the homes folks in your area (or another area if you have someone else distribute them) and it will obviously get the printer bill paid, so that valuable donations that come in won’t be spent paying  a printing debt.  Ordering bulk copies of the Crusader is crucial to helping the paper go out on a timely manner.  Remember, we want to go to print on Monday the 18th.  That is less than a week away.  So hurry and get your orders in.


Rachel Pendergraft

Click Below to Order Bulk Copies of the Crusader for Distribution



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