Obama Nominates Hagel for Secretary of Defense

Obama Nominates Hagel for Secretary of Defense

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Posted on January 7, 2013 by INCOG MAN



Today Obama announced the nomination for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. Oh boy, the traitor Zionist creeps out there are foaming at the mouth!

Hagel is an ENLISTED Viet Nam veteran and a highly decorated patriot. Jew traitors hate him because he once had the cojones to say he was not elected as an ISRAELI senator, but as an United States senator. He even had the nerve to call the Zionists the JEWISH LOBBY.* INCOG HIPPIEOf course, that wasn’t entirely true (with all the idiot Christian Zionists out there), but does pinpoint the real source of nefarious Fifth Columnist Neocons now infesting DC and putting our boys in harm’s way.

Good for you, Obama! I guess I now had better start dressing the part as an Obama boy (right). Yep, back off, INCOG MAN is going grunge! It’s just to hook up with the hippie chicks, so don’t go have yourselves any fits.

Pay attention and you’ll see all kinds of boisterous Jews coming out of the woodwork with crap against Hagel during the confirmation hearings. Already the Zio traitors are enlisting the faggot brigade since Hagel once called Clinton’s nomination for ambassador to Luxembourg, James Hormel, “openly, aggressively gay.” RINO South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham, went on FOX news the other day all twittered up about Hagel, supposedly because of Israel, but really because he’s a “Friend of Dorothy,” or giant closet homo the Jews have in their pocket (see photos below).

The picture at the bottom right is fake. I know, because I did it long ago. It still cracks me the hell up.

Yep, the confirmation hearings are going to be hot. Expect the Jews to dredge up all kinds of dirt on Hagel.

Let’s say the guy once knocked up some babe in high school. The Jews will know. Let’s say Hagel once got busted with a dime bag of cheap Mexican skunkweed. The Jews will know. Let’s say Hagel built a 1/32nd model kit of the evil Nazi Stuka airplane when he was a kid (like I did). The Jews will know.

The poor guy is going to get hammered with all sorts of stupid nonsense going back decades.

I say unto you, my brothers and sisters, support Chuck Hagel. Should the Jew creeps get their corrupted Shabbos Goys not to confirm him, we can use that for Agit/Prop purposes. Should he get in, maybe we’ll have more exposure of the Zionist snakes at AIPAC, or at least keep us out of another Jew-instigated war like in Iran.

Democrap AIPAC spy Jane Harman with Palestinian murdering Zionist, Ariel Sharon. Can you imagine?

Democrap Congress creep and AIPAC spy Jane Harman (right) with Palestinian-murdering Arch Zionist and Satan’s favorite vegetable, Ariel Sharon. Can you imagine this traitor as head of the CIA? The US branch office of MOSSAD, sure.

If Syria’s Assad bites the dust, expect the Iran business to once again jump to the front burner. The Globalist Jews want Syria neutralized before they suck the US into war with Iran. That way, less precious Jewboys will have to fight anyone besides the sling-shot wielding Palestinians.

Now I’m not saying Hagel’s perfect for the cause. But you use the cards you’re dealt with. Understand, hombres?

I don’t know a whole lot about John Brennan to head the CIA. All I can say is that I’m just happy Obama didn’t nominate that creepy Jewess spy, Jane Harman, as some speculated he might. Gawd, if that happened, my brain would’ve melted.

– Phillip Marlowe

* They even reported this on ABC and later on FOX (because the Globalist Jews at ABC did). Why? Because it’s already out there everywhere by now. Why fight it, when they can spin it? They made it look like it’s a potential problem not only to “Israel-supporting Christians,” but also to the Gays. Pay attention and you’ll notice how they blend all the Jew crap together — it’s less stinky that way.

We’re supposed to be so understanding of the lovable, tasteful homos, yet always totally supportive of the ever besieged, ever holocausted hebrews in sacred Israel — no matter what!

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