UnBelievable! The US is Using Nuclear Weapons in Central Asian War

By Bob Nichols

(San Francisco) Mr. President, for years now Do-Gooders, PeaceNiks and assorted anti-military types have talked incessantly about the imponderables of possible, potential, IF or maybe war-time use of nuclear weapons.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Well, the United States Military has finally done it. They have had and are using nuclear weapons in the Central Asian War; at Fallujah, Iraq to be exact. This War Crime is proven to have commenced at least as far back as 2004. What’s more, the military’s use of nuclear weapons is primarily against civilians, maiming and killing civilians now as well as generations as yet unborn – a cowardly, psychotic [crazed] recognized War Crime.

Mr. President, Dr. Busby, a chemical physicist, has laid out the laboratory certified and reproducible results, in a clear, unambiguous manner. I recommend you jerk these miscreants out of all War Zones and bring them back to the US immediately for the required and necessary War Crimes Trials. I encourage you not to overlook accomplices in these real life and death War Crimes among the general staff, including your own staff.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

To citizens and residents of the US and the Western World I say demand these actions immediately; then, turn out, shun and dismiss any politician not willing to immediately stand up against nuclear weapons use.

Certified documentation of isotopes only found as products of nuclear weapons and nuclear power stations follows. There is no mistaking these distinctive radioactive products for anything else in creation except for what they are.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Damn them! The US Military is the strongest, most lethal military force the world has ever known! There is no military reason whatsoever to use nuclear weapons on civilians, or military personnel, either, for that matter. This constitutes pure, unadulterated Slaughter, as well as the random maiming and killing of future generations. What were they possibly thinking? This is just flat-out wrong, that is:  criminal, heinous, barbaric, and cannot now, or ever be excused, mitigated, forgotten, repeated or forgiven.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

For additional radioactive killing and maiming power the US Military forces have deployed hundreds of thousands of tons of weaponized ceramic uranium oxide dust and aerosols. The genetic effect on future generations is profound.

Mr President, let the punishment be prompt and severe, after a proper trial for the accused mass murderers, of course.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Let’s get this distasteful show on the road, over and done.

Documentation follows. All Notes and Sources are listed below. Readers, do your own research, don’t just believe me. In fact, I do not care if you believe me or not. But, not possessing an opinion about this stain on America, though, is something I cannot abide.

Sources and Notes

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