New from the INCOG Man… “White Soldiers Poster.”

New from the INCOG Man…
“White Soldiers Poster.”

After watching all the war movies they were running this past Memorial Day weekend and listening to the war veterans talk in the tired, accepted WWII history documentaries, I felt like I had to do up this poster art. Not only does it go for WWII, but present day conflicts to protect precious little IsraHELL — over which the anti-White and trouble-making jews back in the US are so loyal.

Believe me, I’m not coming down on our veterans. Hell, they really had no idea. But if you think about where America is going today for us White people, you’ll get the enormous rip-off. Whether you know it or not, White Gentile men have borne the brunt of every single American war — by far. Seems like at the very least, we might get cut a little slack in the never-ending race and slavery bullcrap, huh?

Feel free to copy and use elsewhere.



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