KKK Finds Justice – For Now!

KKK Finds Justice – For Now!

 October 27th, 2011 |  Author: National Office

By Rachel Pendergraft

The newspaper is called The Crusader and it is a quarterly publication of The Knights Party. The spring edition # 179 found its way into homes and businesses in Martinsville, Indiana, and while many appreciated its patriotic message of racial love, some called it “incendiary material” and that bigoted opinion left Thomas Buhls, coordinator for The Knights’ Party Veterans League,(an auxiliary of The Knights Party for U.S. service men and women)  having to defend his American and God given right to free speech, a concept he has always supported.

Buhls did what many in the U.S. do. He handed out newspapers in person to people on the street. The Democrats do it and the Republicans do it. The Tea Party does it and the New Black Panthers do it. The Nation of Islam, Jews for Israel, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists, Lutherans, Gays for Equality of Marriage, and an impossible to count list of other organizations and groups across the religious, political, social, and economic spectrum disseminate literature. It is hard to imagine any one of these being ticketed or threatened with arrest for passing out a newspaper, leaflet, or pamphlet.

Most cities, counties, and law enforcement agencies have attorneys on hand who are familiar with the First Amendment, but apparently Morgan County did not fare well in the selection of a knowledgeable prosecutor and that leaves the officials in the county of Morgan looking – well – kind of dumb.

Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights says it is quite unusual for any one to seriously consider filing charges against a person for passing out literature, but when it does happen it is usually in a small town. “Somehow these tiny town tyrants think they are above the Constitution and they can twist and shape it according to their own prejudiced beliefs.

“I will be fair though. Not all officials in small towns are of this mindset. I wish they would be more courageous in standing up for the ideals and principles of our founding fathers and mothers. It is often a few close minded loud mouths in a community who force city and county leaders to take a position that other wise wouldn’t be taken for fear of losing their job. They should be reminded that while some complain and have a deep contempt for the traditional ideas of America, there are many more people who approve but feel silenced due to a system that has grown in the last several decades which casts a negative spin upon anyone from the white community at large who has compassion for the white race. There are many who are truly concerned for the future of America and the children of the founders of this Republic.”

Ironically, the very newspaper that was at the center of controversy contained a full page article detailing various U.S. Supreme Court decisions upholding the right to freely distribute literature. Citing one case from Massachusetts, the article stated:

“Distributing literature is a constitutionally protected right and cannot be prohibited simply because a city or local government does not believe in the content of the literature. Time place, and manner regulations on literature distribution or solicitation in public places must be content neutral and authorities may not exercise discretion.”

Morgan County Prosecutor Steve Sonnega should have read The Crusader.

After a 40 minute bench trial, Judge Mark Peden ruled on the side of the U.S. Constitution and Buhls was found not guilty of littering.

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