Jared Loughner: NOT a veteran, NOT a serviceman, and NOT representative of White Christian America.

Yesterday a US Congresswoman, a Federal Judge, a number of other people were shot by a man that the media is trying to represent as something else. The media will try to misrepresent this man as being in some stage of military training, but it is simply not the case. Jared Loughner, 22, never served a single day in any of America’s armed services. As reported, it is true that that he was attempting to enter the US Army for service. Jared Loughner was never accepted for training into the service. Before any man or woman enters the armed services they must first complete administrative, and medical exams at a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). Even if Jared Loughner did complete the MEPS screenings, and exams– he never served a day in the service as a recruit in training or a soldier on active, or reserve duty. Jared Laugner is not representative of American servicemen, or of the millions of proud White Christians living in America, or abroad.

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Congresswoman Shot in Head, 19 Total Shot, Six Dead in Arizona

by James Buchanan

Millions of Americans were shocked today as news came in of a mass shooting in Arizona. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at point blank range. Several early reports including Fox News and the Huffington Post mistakenly claimed that Giffords was dead. Giffords spent hours in surgery. The bullet had entered her temple and exited through her forehead. Doctors stated that Giffords was responding to commands suggesting that she still retained some brain functions. The frontal portion of the brain is associated with creative thought. Some doctors in the early twentieth century would severe the connection between the frontal lobes of the brain and the rest of the brain in the case of violently insane individuals in an operation called a frontal lobotomy. The survivors of this extreme procedure were described as “quieter” probably because there was a lot less brain activity after the procedure.

An article on Fox News reports “Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is in an intensive care unit following surgery for a gunshot wound in the head at close range, the University of Arizona Medical Center announced Saturday afternoon. Dr. Peter Rhee, a surgeon and chief of the trauma, critical care and emergency surgery, said he is optimistic about the congresswoman’s recovery. However, Federal District Judge John M. Roll was shot and killed during the town-hall style event outside a Safeway grocery store in Tucson. At least 19 people were shot at Giffords’ “Congress on Your Corner” event, including three members of the Democratic congresswoman’s staff in Arizona. Five have died, including one of Giffords’ aides, and nine are in critical condition at the University of Arizona Medical Center. State Sen. Linda Lopez, a close friend of Giffords’, told Fox News that the three-term congresswoman was shot in the temple and the bullet exited through her forehead. Lopez said Giffords was responding to commands and she was confident that she will survive surgery but is not sure what Giffords’ long term prognosis is. Fox News confirmed that a 22-year-old white male named Jared Loughner was taken into custody as the alleged shooter.”

Information coming out about Jared Loughner is strange at best. A discussion about Loughner on Twitter had some of his friends shocked that he would do something like this. One individual claimed that Loughner suffered from alcohol poisoning in 2006, which may ironically have caused him some brain damage which ultimately caused Loughner to commit this mass shooting. Loughner rambles on incoherently on a youtube video.

One article notes “Jared Loughner, the gunman who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and numerous other victims including a Federal Judge and a nine-year-old girl during a political event in Tucson today, was a US military recruit who was obsessed with mind control, mirroring the circumstances of many other mass shooters in history. Loughner’s You Tube channel contains several rambling text-based videos which discuss his fascination with mind control. In one of his online rants, Loughner said that he was a ‘United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix’. Reports suggest that he also may have been deployed to Afghanistan at one point. ‘The mission of USMEPCOM and the Phoenix MEPS is to process individuals for enlistment or induction into the armed services,’ states the website of the United States Military Entrance Processing Command.”

Perhaps Loughner was participating with mind control experiments as a way to earn a few bucks during the ongoing Obama recession, not realizing that his handlers were setting him up.

Who benefits from this mass shooting?

1).The usual gun control advocates have an opportunity to exploit this tragedy to try to take away our Second Amendment Right.

2).Obama may benefit from this incident if it knocks Sarah Palin out of the 2012 presidential election.

Sarah Palin targeted a number of Congressional districts in the 2010 elections, putting a crosshairs on each district that was vulnerable to Republicans. Gabrielle Giffords complained about the gun analogy with the crosshairs on her district at the time. The liberal media has latched onto this and is strongly implying that Palin may have motivated the nutcase, Loughner to snap and go off shooting.

Another possibility is that Loughner was driven off the deep end because he sees politicians defying the will of the people, blocking Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law with court challenges, and he sees a depressing scarcity of jobs for young men like himself, who want to build a future. People who have nothing to lose will sometimes lash out like this.

These shootings however are counterproductive. Crooked politicians will try to use them to take away our gun rights. We need young White men to become politically active in the Tea Party and other far right organizations, not to engage in pointless acts of resistance, which change nothing.

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