INCOG’s Army Recruitment Poster Concept (rejected)

INCOG’s Army Recruitment Poster Concept (rejected)


Last week, “president” Obongo-STEIN’s out-going Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta (who may or may not be a stinking Jew), unilaterally ordered the US Military to allow women to serve in combat roles on the front lines. Along with last year’s repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” there’s no telling what kinds of bizarre “whatevers” will now flock into the Armed Forces so they can finally act out their sick military sex fantasies.

All this will put America’s real soldiers in harm’s way, no doubt at all. To say nothing about having to bear witness to all the nasty, disease-ridden, foul acts these sick faggots will eventually end up doing to each other’s rear with the gear. Good White Christian men — now locked forever in the Jew-instigated “fighting for our freedoms” circle jerk – are being ordered (along with all us poor saps back home) to accept Globalist Jewry’s never-ending BS social change no matter where they go.

The more homos and lezbos, the more of us freely denigrated White men (must I remind you always bear the brunt of America’s wars?) will have to pick up the slack up front. Sure, a few ugly-ass bull dykes will be there to suck up as much media attention and glory from the brainwashing Jews as possible, should they get a dangerous, life-threatening hangnail while in “combat.” I can see all the stupid tear-jerking “60 minutes” interviews now.

And, just like same sex marriage, the lying, subversive, Jew-owned media is now trying to tell us the majority of Americans are all for it and it’ll be so good for our troops. Don’t you friggin’ believe the brainwashing! All their bosses care about is more cannon fodder up front for their Zionist wars of the NWO. Iran, anyone?

Once again, decent White Christian taxpayers get crapped on royally, while Globalist Jewry continues turning this country into a filthy, GD dung heap!

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