Godfathers of Gangster Israel Threaten The Planet

Godfathers of Gangster Israel Threaten The Planet

Lest We Forget–An Offer You Can’t Refuse—Israel’s Latest Veiled Thermo-nuclear Threat against a War-Weary West

By Mark Glenn @The Ugly Truth

“Our armed forces are not the thirteenth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third…We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

—Martin Van Creveld, a professor of military history at Israel’s Hebrew University.

“What would serve the Jew-hating world better as repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter? Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”

—Professor David Perlmutter, writing in the Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2002

DESPITE THE OBJECTIONS many people (rightly) entertain against the manner Italians are unfairly and inaccurately portrayed in gangster films such as The Godfather, nevertheless there are invaluable lessons to be learned from them concerning the inner workings of organized crime interests, and in particular how these interests use coded language when conveying certain ideas.

The reader will recall how in the aforementioned film, a young Michael Corleone is describing to his fiancée Kay Adams how his father ‘helped’ singer Johnny Fontaine with his career. Johnny–Vito Corelone’s godson—is locked into a contract with a particular band leader and wants out. Vito Corleone ‘reasons’ with the band leader on Fontaine’s behalf to let Johnny go by making him ‘an offer he can’t refuse’.

‘An offer he can’t refuse’…sounds great, on the surface. A deal so good it’s to die for, no pun intended.

The problem is that it means what it seems to mean and yet means much more. A person has to be ‘plugged in’ when doing the math of translating the phrase if he or she is to arrive at the right spot on the map, and there is no ‘coming up short’ in understanding what it means. The difference between the two is literally as stark as that between life and death.

And so, when Michael is pressed to explain the meaning of this particular phrase, the ugly truth concerning how it all really took place clashes with the sterile, innocuous depiction the original language evoked, leaving his fiancee stunned and speechless.

Now, as much as some will look at such examples as just the typically irrelevant sensationalism of Hollywood, the fact of the matter is that such vignettes are more real than most people living in the civilized world would like to realize, and particularly when it comes to governments trying to convey certain ideas, both to their rivals and their friends.

That’s right—just as thieves can be ‘thick’ with each other in choosing to convey messages in a dialect understandable only amongst the initiated, so too will governments engage in such telepathy, where the use of clear, unambiguous language may have negative secondary results amongst a public that must be kept in the dark if things are to ‘function’ properly.

One such example took place recently with a news item appearing on the website of the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot (ynet) one of the largest in the Jewish state. EntitledIDF submarine fleet bans dual citizenship, it reads in part thus–

The IDF now demands that new candidates for service in Israel’s submarine fleet waive their foreign citizenship in order to join the elite unit.

The demand to concede one’s dual citizenship is made at certain IDF combat units and for posts requiring high security clearance. Submarine fleet recruits receive a notification stating they must renounce their foreign citizenships in order to qualify for the prolonged training, as part of their security screenings.

Submarine fleet recruits who fail to complete the year-long training lose their foreign citizenships nonetheless.

The recent move raised strong opposition among fleet reserve officers who claim that the new requirement will limit the number of volunteers to the unit.

“This is absurd. Many excellent recruits hold dual citizenship but wish to serve in an elite unit such as submarine fleet,” an ex-officer said. “In a country that fights for every recruit, especially for elite units, this demand should not be made. Soldiers serve for only a few years, and must not pay by losing the foreign citizenship that can be used later in life.”  Security officials say that in recent years there was a decline in number of units that demand a foreign citizenship waiver as part of the security clearance process. The criteria for receiving a security clearance are decided by the units, the Shin Bet and the National Security Council, according to the level of exposure to classified materials during one’s service.

In many combat units, candidates are required to declare any foreign citizenship, but not to renounce it…

And, just to drive the point home in a manner ‘up close and personal’ concerning what the real focus of the coded language is, the article ends with–

According to the international media, IDF submarines operate in foreign waters, far from Israel’s borders…

…“Far”, as in right off the coasts of America and Europe, countries that just (by pure coincidence, for sure) happen to entertain differences of opinion with Israel concerning the much screeched-for war against Iran.

Doubtless most will read the piece, shrug their shoulders and say ‘Big deal…Sounds reasonable…After all, this is national security and a country has every right to do such things...’

Which is exactly how those in Israel’s political and intelligence apparati want it to be viewed by the general public. Harmless. Innocuous. Reasonable. Slightly boring. Hey,what time’s the big game tonight?

But, a different matter altogether for those—namely foreign governments and their intelligence services—schooled and fluent in that peculiar dialect known as political Gangsterese. For them, just the article title alone contains an entire Encyclopedia of latent, hidden and coded meaning in it. Such an article, published in an online (meaning immediately accessible in all 4 corners of the globe) Israeli newspaper discussing how crews working on Israeli submarines will NOW be forced to relinquish any other citizenship they might possess in favor of just one is Israel’s way of starting a discussion within the intelligence services of various governments that goes something along the lines of–

Q–Israel has just initiated a new policy requiring her sub crews to renounce their foreign citizenship. As the article states, there is opposition to this within certain IDF circles as it severely limits those willing to join—WHY is she doing this?

A—The most logical explanation is that the Jewish state wants individuals on her subs who see themselves as Israelis 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and nothing else.

Q—They already DO see themselves like this, so it is a moot point. Why NOW? Israel has had subs for decades but only NOW is requiring something like this for ‘security’ purposes?

A—The most logical explanation is that in the event these subs are ordered to do something against another country deemed an act of war, she wants to make sure there are no lingering ‘loyalties’ to the particular nation being attacked. Dual citizenship means divided loyalties that may result in hesitation when an order is given.

Q—What kind of ‘orders’?

A—Like sinking an American aircraft carrier stationed in the Persian Gulf and killing all 5,000 people onboard in order to blame it on Iran and get a war started.

And even though this is definitely NOT a discussion likely to take place around the average dinner table in America, all can be rest assured it IS something discussed at a meeting of the National Security Council as Obama & co are discussing the latest demands from Israel concerning an attack on Iran.

Remember, an Israeli submarine is not an army platoon. It is not the Border Patrol. It is not an Israeli F16. It is not a tank crew, a torpedo boat or anything else that might be characterized as ‘conventional’ in terms of military hardware. It is silent death, projection of power and an inherently different military creature altogether for the simple reason that due to its ‘by way of deception, thou shalt do war’ properties and capabilities, it is the most dangerous weapon a country has in its arsenal…

..and particularly if that country is nuclear-armed, possesses an apocalyptic mindset and has an itchy trigger finger, like Israel.

What was it former Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan said, that Israel should be like a ‘mad dog, too dangerous to bother?’

Yeah, that definitely fits.

One Israeli submarine loaded with nukes could destroy the ENTIRE eastern seaboard of the United States or most of Europe’s major cities (as Israeli military historian Martin Van Creveld once intimated) in the space of just a few minutes. And make no mistake about it–this is exactly the message Israel is attempting to convey to the same governments of the US and Europe currently dragging their feet viz-a-viz a war against Iran.

Now, the chances of there actually being a ‘conflict’ of loyalties in and of itself is not something Israel is particularly worried about. As political events are proving on a daily basis, when dual-citizenship American Jews are forced to choose between Israel’s interests and those of America, in 11 out of 10 cases they choose those of Home Sweet Home, and we don’t mean Alabama. America is going bankrupt fighting Israel’s wars for her and yet there is no substantive opposition to it from American Jews. The cat is out of the bag concerning Jewish interests in near-total control of the Executive and legislative branches of the US government through organizations such as AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee and half a dozen other groups, and yet the protests against such facts on the part of American Jews is barely audible. Jonathon Pollard, the Jewish American who spent 18 months spying for Israel, selling to the Jewish state America’s most sensitive national defense secrets said it best when being interrogated by Lt. Ron Olive, the naval officer who arrested him—

“America should never give security clearances to Jews, because when called upon, we will do whatever we are asked to do for Israel.”

And Israel knows this all too well, but that is not the point. She is not worried about ‘dual loyalties’ in the least. The object of this exercise is to communicate certain ideas to a war-weary West, no different than a terrorist who has taken hostages putting a gun to the head of one of them while making demands.

Those having difficulty understanding why Israel would be willing to go to such lengths—threatening America and the West with nuclear war because of their reluctance in attacking Iran—are hobbled in their lack of understanding the mindset of the Jewish state and her long term objectives.

Israel is not worried about ‘Iranian nukes’. What is at stake here is ‘Israel’s destiny’ as discussed time and again by her leaders, both political and religious. Her entire existence is explained and justified by her holy books, principally the Torah, which are VERY CLEAR in their description of what ‘the Jewish State’ is supposed to encompass—everything between the Nile and Euphrates rivers, meaning ALL of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, parts of Egypt and northern Saudi Arabia, and Iraq—almost right up to the Iranian border.

Such biblically-inspired adventurism therefore can only be achieved in the absence of any organized, substantive opposition. The long-sought Zionist goal of pushing out hundreds of millions of Arabs in order to create ‘Eretz Y’Israel’ cannot take place if there is another strongman in the neighborhood, meaning Iran.

Therefore, when Israel talks about the ‘existential threat’ Iran poses to the Jewish state, THIS is what she means—prevention of Israel’s borders as described in the bible. Therefore, she considers anything hindering the realization of her own ‘divine destiny’ as nothing short of an apocalypse in its own right and therefore warranting such coercive action as threatening nuclear war against countries such as America and Europe either standing in her way or otherwise not cooperating.

In short, this was no ‘human interest’ piece coming out of one of Israel’s biggest news sources. It was not ‘filler’ on a ‘slow news day’. Israel knows all too well that the intelligence agencies of every government on the planet use foreign media as the first source in acquiring intelligence forecasts and for that reason, decided to use this as the vehicle for conveying this threat rather than having Netanyahu call the American President and tell him in clear language—

‘Best get busy bubba gettin’ those boots on the ground in Iran or we are going to have one of our subs parked right off your coast send you a little ‘shock and awe’ of your own that’ll then be blamed on ‘the Ayrabs’ by our cousins who own your media lock, stock and barrel, at which point whatever reservations you might have about attacking Iran will be drowned out in a chorus of absolute pandemonium in your own country that’ll make the chaos of 9/11 seem like the Sound of Music.’

There is nothing new or novel about any of this. With semi-regularity Netanyahu, Barak or some mouthpiece for the Jewish state does an interview with some Israeli or Jewish-owned newspaper in America where they speak in coded language meant to convey the same ideas. They speak apocalyptically, discussing the ‘destruction’ of America and how Iran’s nuclear program is not just a threat to Israel, but indeed to the ‘entire world’. And again, all of it in the same Gangsterese dialect meant to convey the idea that Israel—the mad dog of the Middle East–will go to any lengths necessary in order to get her way. Like any professional extortionist, she is holding a gun to the head of America and the West and is making an offer they can’t refuse, which is to go to war against Israel’s enemies or have their brains blown out all over the place.

And everyone can just forget about the idea that this is a ‘bridge too far’ for Israel. In 1963 she had an American president murdered who stood in her way of becoming a nuclear power. In 1967 she attacked a United States ship for 2 hours, killed 34 and wounded almost 200 others trying to sink her so that the murderous act could be blamed on her Arab enemies, namely Egypt. In 1983 she facilitated the bombing of the US marine barracks in Lebanon, resulting in the death of almost 250 US servicemen. In 1991 she plotted to have George H.W. Bush assassinated at the Madrid Peace Conference in order to blame it on ‘Arab terrorists’. On September 11, 2001 she had her intelligence agents in place to film the towers coming down in New York, who–when discussing it a few months later on an Israeli talk show—revealed that they had been sent to ‘document’ the event.

And, last but certainly not least, we have a Jewish publisher in America recently writing candidly about how Israel should send her agents to assassinate Obama because of his recalcitrance in attacking Iran.

But if all these examples are not enough in fleshing out a picture of the veiled threat of nuclear terrorism against the US, then let a 68-page report drawn up by the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies do the painting for us. Released just one day before the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the report, authored by 60 commissioned officers in the US Army characterized Israel as a “well-armed and well-trained 500-pound gorilla”. Concerning Israel’s intelligence services Mossad (the same agency that would be intimately involved in directing what this ‘well-armed, well-trained 500 lb gorilla’ might do) the agency of death and destruction was characterized as “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.”

Therefore, given that it is the motto of Israel’s assassination agency Mossad that ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war’ coupled with the fact that there is no better means of doing this than a modern, nuclear-armed submarine at a time of unprecedented tension in the Persian Gulf region, all persons would be wise to grasp immediately the coded language being used by the Jewish state in the recent press release and to see such language (and the sentiments fueling them) as the ‘existential’ threat that it is–not just to countries such as America and Europe tasked with destroying all enemies declared to be such by the Jewish state, but as well–to the rest of the world.

More important however is what must be done in the aftermath of such recognition, namely that it be dealt with accordingly. The real ‘offer’ that can’t be refused is the continued existence of 6 billion people inhabiting planet earth, a prospect being made more and more impossible by the mad dog behavior of this tiniest of states—Israel. All human history has now come down to this, the ultimate do or die/ us or them moment.

Israel recognizes this fact. Unfortunately the rest of the Western world has yet to.

Therefore, since it has been the policy of the United States and many other countries of the West to not negotiate with terrorists, let this policy then be applied RIGOROUSLY as pertains the Jewish state and her various ‘offers’ that can’t be refused. To do any less is to consign oneself to a lifetime of shakedowns, extortion, imprisonment and eventual death, as the terrorist entity eventually kills the hostage once his demands have been met, only to have the entire process begin again when new adventures are schemed and hatched by those who have embraced religiously-inspired political terrorism on a grand scale as a divine right of sorts.

Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness on a global scale…

Now truly, as far as the rest of the civilized world is concerned, that is an offer that can’t be refused.

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