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The Knights Party has heard the call of many white Christian veterans and their concern for the directions the military is taking concerning, whites and white Christians in particular. To this end “The Knights Party Veterans League¨, will give a haven to white veterans who will need a voice in this ever darkening nation. Veterans historically have gotten the short end of the stick. The Knights Party, wants to reverse this and actually give the white veteran, a man or woman that has faithfully served their nation and even possibly have shed their in the process, not just the long end of the stick, but a “golden rod”.

HEALTH CARE– Disabled veterans should receive the best health care possible in our nation, not second rate- period! V.A. hospitals should be the envy of the entire health care industry, with the best and brightest doctors, nurses, and medical staff. The equipment should be top notch and cutting edge.

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER– Recognize the very real and treatable disorder and its rise to very high percentage of homeless veterans as a result of it and improper, poor, or complete lack of treatment.

EDUCATION– While the U.S. does have veterans programs, they are continually being cut; the “G.I. Bill” is constantly being diluted. Granted veterans have, at least on paper, preferential treatment in hiring in government jobs; however the fact of the matter is that this is not practiced in a manner :true to the spirit of the intent”- and should be the law of the land. If there are set aside/affirmative action programs for non-whites shouldn’t veterans be given preferential treatment above the non-white? The Knights Party believes so, and the Knights party Veterans League is dedicated to working toward that end.

OTHER BENEFITS– As non-whites increasingly sap our nations resources, so too will they bleed off the benefits of the veteran, as paltry as they are.

END POLITICAL/SOCIAL ENGINEERING IN THE MILITARY– Just some of the programs and/or social engineering that The Knights Party Veterans League call for these immediate items:

End Affirmative Action in military
Repeal “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell”
End the homosexual agenda Push in military by politicians
End all foreign aid
Get us out of the United Nations!
Secure our borders!
Recognize the attack by Israel on the USS Liberty

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