Former Marine, Brandon Raub’s Struggle to Exercise his Free Speech against the Zio-Banksters

Former Marine, Brandon Raub’s Struggle to Exercise his Free Speech against the Zio-Banksters

 Sep 17, 2012 |

by Jeff Davis. Some history buffs may be familiar with the Zio-Soviet regime their habit of throwing political dissidents into mental institutions. I’m sure most Americans would say “That could never happen here in the US.” Well, it has happened here in the US, and not just once.

An article on The Blaze reports “26-year-old former U.S. Marine Brandon Raub was released from a psychiatric facility via a judge’s order, who ruled that the government had no legal grounds to hold him.”

“…Raub’s lead attorney and president of the Rutherford Institute, gave his first interview following his client’s release to discuss the case.”

“Whitehead told Beck that he and his organization are planning to sue… ‘We are getting ready to file a civil lawsuit…because [Raub] has been put through hell for a week,’ said Whitehead….”

“On August 20, Raub was sentenced to up to 30 days in a psychiatric facility after he was detained by federal law enforcement on August 16 over some Facebook posts that criticized the U.S. government and questioned the official story behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He also referred to ‘starting a revolution.’”

“Whitehead said that veterans have since been contacting him from across the country claiming they too were victims of wrongful detention in psychiatric institutes like Raub. Apparently, there are civil commitment laws in other states as well, he said.”

“’It happens. There’s about 20,000 civil commitments alone in Virginia each year,’ he added.’

“It was actually Raub’s mother, who took to Facebook in a rage after he son was taken by federal and local law enforcement officers, that sounded the alarm and made the entire country aware of his situation.”

“’Did they have a warrant for his arrest?’ Beck asked.”

“’No warrant for his arrest and no search warrant,’ Whitehead replied. ‘They haven’t [charged him with a crime] and they’re not going to.’”

“Stunned, Beck asked how this could take place in the United States of America, where the Constitution provides protections from such things, most notably the First Amendment.’

“’Is this America,’ the attorney said. ‘That’s what I keep asking.’”

It should be noted that none of Brandon Raub’s posts were inciting violence and that it’s possible to have a peaceful revolution, much like the Tea Party is attempting at this time. Many supporters of Ron Paul called his last two presidential campaigns “The Ron Paul Revolution”.

The Don’t Tread On Me blog reports: “A judge today ordered the release of a Marine Corps veteran being detained as a psychiatric patient after concerns over his Facebook postings. After an hour-long hearing, Circuit Judge W. Allan Sharrett said an involuntary commitment petition issued against Brandon J. Raub was invalid because it contained no allegation or basis to holding him.”

“….Facebook postings by Raub generally involved impassioned pleas for a return to American ideals of freedom and independence but also speak of betrayal by elected leaders. ‘Your leaders are planning to merge the United States into a one-world banking system,’ he wrote. (Well, actually, they are, and they don’t make any particular secret of the fact.) ‘They want to put computer chips in you… these men have evil hearts. We gave them the keys to our country. We were not vigilant with our republic.’”

“Raub served in the Marines from 2005 until 2011 and was a combat engineer sergeant. He said he operates a home-based silver numismatic-coin business.”

It seems as though our government reacts especially harshly with dissidents who call for replacing the two party system and who demand a return to the silver standard. That combination of two things seems to put you at the top of their target list for some reason.

You really wonder sometimes how the secret police choose the people they victimize, since there are so many out there saying and posting the same things. Maybe it’s some kind of lottery. If so, Sergeant Raub was the unlucky “winner” of some special unlawful persecution at the hands of the ZioGlobalists who seek to squash any kind of real political dissent in the West.

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