Damn right I’m strapped! Are you???

Damn straight I’m strapped! Are you???

This one comes from the one and only Incog. Incog’s Public Service Announcements are always good for a (serious) laugh, drives home important points without apologies, and he claims no copyright protections on his material. One exception that Incog has provided with all of his Public Service Announcements is to give his site credit and do not alter the content… Other than that, share these with your friends, family, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (does anyone still use MySpace???), and other online communities.

One especially important fact to take note of right now is the extreme increase of assault and murder against Caucasians committed by Africans. The whole Trayvon Martin issue has whipped the African community into a violent frenzy and Caucasians are being assaulted, victimized, and murdered every day because of this. Incog’s Public Service Announcement is not just visually pleasing– its damned good advice.

Have you heard about any of the seven victims of a brutal African-on-Caucasian lynch mob style attack that happened in Michigan earlier this month?  Oh, you haven’t?  Of course you haven’t– because the main stream media didn’t report it nationally.  How about the Assault, rape, and murder of two Caucasian senior citizens?  I’ll bet you haven’t heard of that one either.  Or, what about the young Caucasian teen that was jumped by two African teens and then set on fire with gasoline?  Hardly anybody in America heard about that one.  I only heard about it because it was reported by a British news source.  Once again, American main stream media won’t report crimes against Caucasians.

The chances of us being victimized by an African, or a member of the non-Caucasian community in America is exponentially higher than it has ever been in the past.  You must take measures to protect yourself, and being a responsible firearms owner is one of the ways you can take responsibility for your own safety and defense.

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