DADT Repealed by Senate

Attention servicemen- This week you will have some bad news to look forward to. It happened over the weekend, and it has nothing to do with the new guy thats fresh out of boot camp/basic training. This past Saturday, the senate voted to repeal the 17 year Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell policy which allowed homosexual serviceman to serve while hiding their homosexual lifestyle. Pres. Obama will very likely have a veritable media frenzy for the signing of this repeal. Current speculation, and estimates of the damage to our military strength about the deleterious effects of allowing homosexuals in the service is not looking good. With an estimated 20% to 30% of servicemen saying that they will definitely leave the service if having to serve with openly gay men and women, the very real possibility of a return of the selective service draft is on the horizon. Contact us today and learn what you can do to help America’s armed forces repudiate the immorality of homosexual lifestyles.

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