Chaplains and the repeal of DADT reports on the state of affairs for our Christian chaplains and the battles they are facing RIGHT NOW with the Dept. of Defense.
Chad Groening – OneNewsNow
A former Navy chaplain has launched a petition drive aimed at defending military chaplains and Christian troops from persecution by proponents of homosexuality.

In December, Lt. Col. Stacy L. Maxey (USAF), who is stationed in Afghanistan, wrote a letter to the editor of Stars and Stripes arguing that the Department of Defense has now become the “Department of Double Standards,” in telling service members who have a problem with the homosexual lifestyle to “learn to deal with it,” while at the same time allowing homosexuals to “parade their lifestyle choices in front of all.”

Maxey went on to write that he has a higher commitment to God than to the Department of Defense — and that if officials there are upset with his comments, they can “learn to deal with it.” Groups like the Military Religious Freedom Foundation have criticized the Air Force officer for his comments, demanding Maxey be punished for insubordination.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, a former Navy chaplain who was discharged from the service in 2007 after praying in Jesus’ name while in uniform, now runs “The Pray In Jesus Name Project.” He has launched an online fax petition campaign aimed at protecting the religious expression of chaplains and other religious troops.

“Now that homosexuals are coming out and being blatant and flaunting their homosexual lifestyle, do the Christian troops have a right to separate shower facilities? Separate sleeping quarters? To not be sexually harassed on the job by somebody who’s hitting on them?” he wonders.

“We need protection for Christian troops,” he continues, “and that’s why we’re asking Congressman Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) and Congressman Mike McIntyre (D-North Carolina) to strengthen the laws to at least give Christians the same right to be open about their religious faith as the homosexuals now have to be open about their aberrant lifestyle.”

In addition, Klingenschmitt is convinced the Pentagon wants to purge evangelical, Bible-preaching chaplains from the service by giving them an ultimatum — “reconcile” with homosexual sin, or quit.

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