Captain America or Captain Judea?

Captain America or Captain Judea?

by Bob Johnson


The media of both news and entertainment are powerful forces. They heavily influence, and, in most cases, they control how people think and believe about the world they live in.

In America the information we receive through the media is filtered through kosher filters. (Kosher, contrary to common usage, is a very negative reality due to two major problems: people who don’t believe in it end up putting their money into the pockets of rabbis and animals that are butchered through both the Jewish kosher method and the Islamic halal method suffer unnecessarily due to these outdated superstitions.) Seeing the world through kosher filters we Americans mistakenly see the enemies of the Jews and Israel as our own enemies.

A great example of this is the comic book character Captain America. Two Jews, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby,created the Captain America comic books in March of 1941. At that time America was not at war although FDR was sending billions of dollars worth of war material to England and the Soviet Union through the Lend Lease Act which originated in March of 1941. However, Simon and Kirby and the rest of their tribe wanted to change that. They hoped Captain America fighting Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in their popular comic books would help to counter the America First Committee which was making strong gains in keeping America out of the unnecessary war.

A new movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, is being released tomorrow. In the new movie Captain America is still fighting the Nazis. However, with Israel and the neoconservatives still pushing for a war against Iran, it doesn’t take too much of an imagination to see future Captain America movies being produced that show their hero, and the American people by proxy, fighting Iran and its people. Especially when we stop and think about how Israel and its stooges in the White House and Congress were successful in getting the U.S. to wage war for Israel against Iraq. To help make it painfully clear that all the dead and wounded Americans and the hundreds of BILLIONS of U.S. tax dollars the Iraq war has cost us so far (it’s rapidly approaching the $1 TRILLION mark) we can take to heart what retired Israeli General Avraham Rotem said, “A (US) war with Iraq serves Israel’s strategic interests because it wants Saddam gone. Someone says, ‘You sit back, we’ll take care of it’–what’s better than that?” (St. Petersburg Times, March 15. 2003, p 5A)

Instead of wearing a five pointed star on his chest, it would be much more accurate and honest if Captain America sported a six pointed Star of David.

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